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Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Scorpio weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Scorpio weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 19 of 2021 Week Starting at May 10 to 16

You may be craving more intimacy and deeper connections from your love life now that Venus has entered your passionate eighth house as of May 8. You may find yourself far more willing to open your heart and let a lover in on your secrets. And when Mercury joins forces with the North Node in your intimate eighth house on May 10, you may exchange a secret with your lover that takes your relationship to the next level.

On May 11, the new moon will rush through your seventh house of partnerships, which may lead you to a new relationship altogether. This new moon will place a focus on what you need from a relationship and how you can improve as a partner. Whether you’re single or taken, the experience will encourage you to strengthen your emotional bonds with harmony and understanding. As Mercury forms a trine with Saturn in your fourth house of home and family on May 12, you may even feel inspired to begin nesting with a partner and building a future together.

On May 13, the sun in your seventh house of partnerships will sextile Neptune in your poetic fifth house, sending a pink cloud of romance over your love life and encouraging you to show your partner how you feel. And because Jupiter enters your colorful fifth house on May 13, this is just the beginning of all the lust and romance that’s headed your way.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 20 of 2021 Week Starting at May 17 to 23

You may be in the mood to pick your lover’s brain this week. After all, on May 17, the sun in your seventh house of partnerships will trine Pluto in your third house of communication, encouraging you to talk about topics that intrigue you and get to the crux of what you both think about everything. More importantly, you may be discovering whether you’re truly in sync. Venus will also join forces with the North Node in your passionate eighth house, guiding you toward true intimacy. Let yourself be known.

On May 19, you may even discover that intimacy can be incredibly comforting, not just alluring. As Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your fourth house of home and family, you may consider how you can build an emotional backbone to your love life. How can you build a home with your lover? How can you make your relationship feel more like family? Are you interested in building a nest together at this point in your life?

Either way, the enticing energy that arrives on May 21 might be impossible to resist. As the sun in your sexy eighth house squares off with Jupiter in your romantic fifth house, leaving you feeling totally turned on. However, these feelings of desire could quickly lead to obsession with Mercury in your intense eighth house squaring Neptune in your lustful fifth house, so take it slow.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Scorpio

Week 18 of 2021 Week Starting at May 03 to 09

The vibes this week are incredibly romantic, and they may even leave you feeling like you’re starring in your own romantic comedy. After all, on May 2, Venus in your partnership sector will sextile Neptune in your passionate and playful fifth house, providing you with the perfect energy to fall in love and watch sparks fly.

However, you may question whether or not you have room in your life for a partnership by May 3. As the sun in your seventh house of significant others squares Saturn in your fourth house of home and family, you may feel torn between the demands of your personal life and your desire to be involved in a union. If your family is difficult to impress or your domestic priorities are weighing on you, these may present your love life with emotional obstacles.

Being honest and transparent about your feelings could lead to a transformative conversation by May 6. Venus will trine Pluto in your chatty third house, encouraging you to share words with your lover that are true. And don’t give up on any family-related worries you may be dealing with, because on May 8, Venus will square Jupiter in your cozy fourth house, leaving you feeling far more optimistic about merging your lover with your private life.

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