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Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Pisces weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Pisces weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Pisces

Week 25 of 2021 Week Starting at June 21 to 27

Prepare to dive into a highly romantic period, because as of June 20, the sun will activate your fifth house of poetry and love. This may leave you craving the sparkle and magic that arrives with crushing on someone and expressing your affection for them. And on June 21, Venus in your flirtatious fifth house will also trine Neptune in Pisces, encouraging you to open your heart even further to the promises of love. If you’re not a believer in love now, you can bet that you will be soon.

However, by June 23, you may find that the people in you and your lover’s lives have too many opinions about your relationship. After all, with Venus opposing Pluto in your eleventh house of community, there’s a chance that your friends and loved ones may be overly critical of where your heart stands. It may be wise to take a break from listening to their judgments, because you need to make your own decisions about your love life first.

By June 24, you may encounter a highly healing and replenishing pocket of energy as Saturn in your spiritual twelfth house forms a sextile with Chiron in your second house of self-esteem. Work on releasing all the negative self-criticism and building your confidence back up. You are worth all the love in the world.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Pisces

Week 26 of 2021 Week Starting at June 28 to 34

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Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Pisces

Week 24 of 2021 Week Starting at June 14 to 20

You may feel titillated and turned on by romantic conversations as this week begins. On June 13, Venus in your passionate fifth house will sextile Uranus in your communication sector, so don’t be afraid to be a little daring and witty with your rapport. However, there’s no need to take the conversation in a direction you’re not ready for, because as the sun in your protective fourth house squares off with Neptune in Pisces, you may feel sensitive and vulnerable if there isn’t enough trust.

However, the urge to say more than you may need to may arise by June 14. As Saturn in your secretive twelfth house squares off with Uranus in your talkative third house, you may feel torn between maintaining your aura of mystery and your desire to speak your mind without worry. Try not to overthink every little move you make, because being yourself is more than enough.

In fact, the romantic tension could increase by June 15, as the moon in your partnership sector opposes Jupiter in Pisces, emphasizing the excitement of the relationship. You may feel the instinct to change who you are to fit your lover’s preferences by June 17, when the moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Remember to protect your sense of self.

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