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Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 19 of 2021 Week Starting at May 10 to 16

Friendships could turn into something more now that Venus has entered your platonic eleventh house as of May 8. This will inspire you to spend time with your social circle, to take up invitations to interact with other like-minded people. This is the perfect time to be introduced to a friend of a friend who might just be a perfect match for you.

As the new moon blasts through your tenth house of reputation on May 11, it will leave everyone talking about you. You may feel encouraged to update your social media and your dating profiles so they reflect how awesome you are. Your public persona is coming into play, affecting and impacting the vibe potential lovers are getting from you.

By May 12, Mercury in your aspirational eleventh house will trine Saturn in your partnership sector, inspiring you to throw your energy into a cause that matters to you. Participating in community efforts with a lover could bring you so much closer as you make the world a better place together. And on May 13, Jupiter will bless your eighth house of intimacy, encouraging you to embrace the deep emotions that come with building trust with someone you love. Let this expand your ability to make room for someone in your heart; someone who deserves to be there.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 20 of 2021 Week Starting at May 17 to 23

This week, you may be forging an even deeper connection to your community. On May 17, Venus will join forces with the North Node in your social eleventh house, providing you with an opportunity to connect with a group of people on a whole new level. Your friends are the ones who may leave you feeling loved this week. And on May 18, Venus will sextile Chiron in your open-minded ninth house, paving the way for your friends to help you see love a little differently.

By May 19, you may be deepening your relationships with a select few individuals. As Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your partnership sector, you may find your commitment to someone becoming stronger, providing you with the backbone for a relationship that could really go somewhere.

However, your desire for an overwhelming, transcendent love may increase by May 21. As the sun in your platonic eleventh house squares off with Jupiter in your intimate eighth house, you may experience feelings developing for someone who was just a “friend.” These feelings may be blown out of proportion as Mercury in your friendship sector squares Neptune in your passionate eighth house, so give your feelings time to develop before jumping headfirst into a relationship.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 18 of 2021 Week Starting at May 03 to 09

You may find yourself developing deeper feelings for someone you meet at work. On May 2, Venus in your ambitious tenth house will sextile Neptune in your intimate eighth house, which may leave you daydreaming about someone you know only professionally. No need to talk yourself out of a crush, but be careful not to rush into something before you truly know them.

However, your priorities and your goals may also be what prevents you from focusing on your love life this week. On May 3, the sun in your tenth house of career will square off with Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships, putting pressure on you as you try to balance your personal life with your public life. This period of time may reveal how you can support and nurture your relationship more profoundly.

By May 6, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your goals are, both in life and in love. As the North Node in your visionary eleventh house forms a sextile with Chiron in your expansive ninth house, you will find yourself healing the doubt and inhibition that’s holding you back from following your heart. And by May 8, Venus will square off with Jupiter in your relationship sector, centering your ambitions on finding a partner who truly gets you.


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