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Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 41 of 2021 Week Starting at October 11 to 17

For the past several months, you’ve committed to your significant other and created an intimate relationship with them. Now, you are deciding whether or not the commitment is fulfilling to you, as well as understanding if this is the person you want to spend your life with. 

When Saturn turns direct on October 10 in Aquarius, you will begin to contemplate the next steps in your relationship. This sentiment is exacerbated by the connection between the Libra sun and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, which is influencing your seventh house of partnerships. 

Is this the person that you can envision yourself growing old with? If it’s a yes, then go for it and give it all towards building a foundation and home life with them. If you are still questioning whether you wish to be with this person, then it may be a sign that you are having cold feet and want to distance yourself from pursuing a long-term relationship with them. 

Saturn is the planet of commitment, as well as the glue that holds two people together. It’s okay to separate yourself from someone if it’s not working. The only foreseeable issue is that you may feel that your pride is being attacked if you cannot make the relationship work. But you shouldn’t feel that way. There is someone better pleading for you who’s more compatible with you.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 42 of 2021 Week Starting at October 18 to 24

You have gotten into some drama with a romantic partner during Mercury’s moonwalk. While your heart may be breaking from an argument with your significant other, you’ll see that you have the chance to make amends with each other on October 18, when Mars in Libra aspects Jupiter in Aquarius. Own your part in the fight and hopefully, they’ll admit to their wrongdoing. 

When Mercury goes direct on October 18, it’s a great time to mend a lot of the arguments that have been ensued over the past few weeks. You’ll find that you were able to reach a compromise with your partner and create a better future together. 

On the flip side, if you were waiting for an apology from them, it may take forever. It’s hard for you to say you’re wrong to do your pride, but taking the first step towards rebuilding the relationship is pivotal to see it grow. You don’t have to feel like your ego is getting burned by admitting you’re wrong. If you started the fight, then you’re the one who has to repair it. On the contrary, if your partner created the drama, then they need to understand why they’re wrong by having you explain it to them.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Leo

Week 40 of 2021 Week Starting at October 04 to 10

After a few weeks of uncertainty, October 6’s new moon in Libra is giving you the confidence to speak up and let your feelings be known. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner or crush to let them know the stresses and struggles you’re enduring right now. You don’t have to carry this emotional weight alone. Once you open up to them, they’ll totally want to stand by your side to offer you support and TLC. 

With their affection, you can totally take over the world and attain your dreams. As long as you open up and stop hiding behind your fears, they’ll be willing to hear you out and help you. This is an especially wonderful time to heal old wounds by confronting those who have hurt you. 

If you want to have closure around our relationship from the past, then you can totally reach out and have a discussion about what went wrong in the partnership. Don’t feel as though you have to hold back, use your words wisely to express all of the pain and suffering you’ve endured. This will allow you to move forward in a healthy way, as well as gain clarity about the past.

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