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Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Cancer weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Cancer weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Cancer

Week 31 of 2021 Week Starting at August 02 to 08

As this week begins, you may feel an emotional distance between you and a lover. On August 2, the sun in your grounded second house will oppose Saturn in your intimate eighth house, which could leave either of you feeling guarded and unwilling to reveal a deeper truth. Trust takes time to build, and at this moment, patience may be what allows you both to feel the safety you require to unfurl your secrets and your inner truths.

A blast of exciting energy will sweep through your social life by August 3. As Venus in your talkative third house forms a trine with Uranus in your community sector, you may feel dazzled by new friends and connections. You and your lover may enjoy socializing together, and if you’re single, you might even meet people who can open the doors to even more possibilities in love.

However, by August 6, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by an influx of social energy. As the sun in your steady second house squares off with Uranus, you may have to accept the upcoming changes that come with making fresh commitments to new people. The uneasiness will subside, but it may hint at an undercurrent of excitement.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Cancer

Week 32 of 2021 Week Starting at August 09 to 15

As this week begins, the cosmos will encourage you to up the level of sensuality and luxury in your love life. On August 8, a new moon will radiate through your grounded and glamorous second house, helping you invite more sparkle and comfort into your universe. Doll yourself up and embrace your beauty.

By August 9, it could feel complicated to establish a straightforward connection with your lover. As Venus in your third house of communication opposes Neptune in your spontaneous ninth house, you may be overthinking each word exchanged between you and a lover. And on August 10, Mercury in your prideful second house will oppose Jupiter in your intimate eighth house, increasing your desire for a deep and profound connection. Remember that trust is built slowly and over time. It can’t be rushed.

However, by August 11, you have an opportunity to unveil a more poignant understanding of your lover. As Venus in your chatty third house forms a trine with Pluto in your relationship sector, you may feel turned on by sharing secrets and talking about your hopes and dreams. Lean into the process of getting to know someone and cherishing their heart. It’s the best part of falling in love.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Cancer

Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 to 01

You may be receiving negative energy from your partner as this week begins. On July 25, Mercury in Cancer will oppose Pluto in your relationship sector, which may put you in your lover’s line of fire. Remember when to disengage and put up boundaries. It’s not fair for you to be someone’s punching bag, no matter how much you love and care about them.

On July 28, Jupiter will retrograde back into your intimate eighth house. This will initiate a period of time in which you will be encouraged to rethink the level of trust and emotional investment in your life. This transit may encourage you to let your guard down and let someone get to know you. However, it could also help you identify toxic cycles you keep repeating in your relationships, pushing you to be the one who breaks them.

In fact, as Mars forms an opposition with Jupiter on July 29, you may feel inspired to take things to a much deeper level with another person. However, use discretion when telling someone your secrets, because if they haven’t earned your trust, they may not deserve to know your inner truths. If they love and respect you, they’ll be patient with you.

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