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Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Aries weekly love horoscope - this week, next week and past week. Get Aries weekly love, romance and relationships advice!

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This Week's Love Horoscope For Aries

Week 31 of 2021 Week Starting at August 02 to 08

You may feel like the energy feels stiff and uncompromising as this week begins, which could throw a wrench in the flow of a relationship. On August 2, the sun in your romantic fifth house will oppose Saturn in your friendly eleventh house, which could leave you feeling as though your connection with someone is stuck in limbo. There may be an emotional distance standing in your way, but it won’t be there forever.

In fact, this pause in the passion is the perfect time to pour that passion back into yourself. August 2 is also when Mercury in your colorful fifth house will trine Chiron in Aries, which paves the way for self-love and self-expression to remind you of who you really are. There’s no need to rush the emotional intensity of a relationship when you still have so much healing to focus on for yourself.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to control your feelings, and by August 6, the sun in your passionate fifth house will square Uranus in your steady second house, which could make you feel as though your desire for magic is leading to instability in your overall life. Remember that love is a source of inspiration, not a source of desperation.

Next Week's Love Horoscope For Aries

Week 32 of 2021 Week Starting at August 09 to 15

As this week begins, you may embrace a new romantic beginning. On August 8, the new moon will send a whole rainbow of color to your passionate fifth house, encouraging you to invite more love and flirtatiousness into your life. You may even wind up feeling somewhat lost in your feelings by August 9, when Venus in your practical sixth house opposes Neptune in your dreamy twelfth house. Don’t resist the magic, but remember to stay focused on your priorities too.

However, by August 10, your desire for something larger-than-life could sweep through your heart. Mercury in your romantic fifth house will oppose Jupiter in your social eleventh house, putting you in a beautiful position to entertain a lover with your sparkling wit and coquettishness. Once Mercury enters your selfless sixth house on August 11, you may even feel inspired to lend a helping hand to your partner and reveal your fluency in “acts of service.”

Your relationship may deepen by August 11, but in a much more practical and realistic way. As Venus in your proactive sixth house forms a trine with Pluto in your ambitious tenth house, you may feel inspired to build something long-lasting with a lover. After all, you’re in this together.

Previous Week's Love Horoscope For Aries

Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 to 01

As this week begins, your personal life may feel weighed down by your professional responsibilities. On July 25, Mercury in your heartfelt fourth house will oppose Pluto in your domineering tenth house, which may pull you away from spending quality time with those you trust most as duty calls. Remember when to put your foot down, even if it may upset your superiors.

However, by July 27, you may start seeing romance in a way you couldn’t before. Mercury will enter your flirtatious fifth house, tapping into your desire to be loved and swept off your feet. In fact, your ability to charm your lovers will fly through the roof, so don’t be shy. As Jupiter retrogrades back into your social eleventh house on July 28, you may start making new friends. At least one of these friendships may turn into something more.

In fact, by July 29, Mars in your passionate fifth house will oppose Jupiter, which could lead to some romantic tension between you and someone who’s just a “friend.” Enjoy this tension and let it fill you with that exhilarating feeling of crushing on someone and getting to know them. Just remember to take things slow when necessary, because you may feel tempted to rev the engine instead.

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