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Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Free Pisces monthly love horoscope for the whole month of October 2021, next month and last month. Get Pisces monthly love, romance and relationships advice!

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Love Horoscope This Month For The Month Of October 2021

Will you miss the intense emotions that accompany love when romantic Venus moves from kindred water sign Scorpio to freedom-seeking Sagittarius on October 7? Most definitely. But having a little more easygoing outlook can be fun too, just not quite as passionate.

The full moon in direct Aries on the twentieth enables you to say and do things you wouldn’t normally say and do, which is empowering and a little scary all at the same time. Take ownership of your sexuality now, Pisces, and be proud of your newfound ability to go after what you want.

When the sun moves into sexual Scorpio on October 22, your quest for satisfaction continues. This time, though, love (or at least strong like) has to be present before anything physical takes place or it just won’t be as good.

When aggressive Mars also partners with strong, spiritual Scorpio on the thirtieth, it’s possible that you’ll have an intense awakening of some kind. Time is passing by quickly, and if you don’t make changes now, you might miss your window of opportunity.

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