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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Free Sagittarius love Horoscope for today, tomorrow and yesterday. Get Sagittarius love, romance and relationships advice for singles, couples and flirting on a daily basis.

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Today's Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

Today: Tuesday - August 03, 2021

Today's Love

Sagittarius, is work getting in the way of your one-on-one time with bae? The moon continues to wander through your harmony-seeking seventh house of agreements, compromise, significant others, and one-on-one connections. It’s highlighting everything from pending conversations that have yet to take place between you and a lover to themes of "give and take" in your relationship. On a more challenging note, however, Luna will face off with coquettish Venus via your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation, and sense of authority, creating friction between you and your cutie—especially if work schedules have been getting in the way. It’s time for a much needed conversation.

Today's Dating

Feeling all weird and moody? You just need to slow down and take it all in. Don't be afraid to ditch your usual gregarious nature for some long overdue introspection.

Tomorrow's Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

Tomorrow: Wednesday - August 04, 2021

Tomorrow's Love

Sagittarius, you may not be fond of expressing your emotions, but you could very well decide to unleash the floodgates. For instance, with the moon hovering over your intimate eighth house of sex, joint collaborations, and soulmate connections, there's no denying the facts: You're in your feels and you're craving the same emotional intensity from your lover. Keep in mind, the moon will also form a harmonious alignment with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, which encourages you to express yourself. Luna will also sextile Mars, creating a sweet synergy between your emotions and actions.

Tomorrow's Dating

Time to make sense of the big picture. You've got all the pieces now -- you just need to sort them out and click them into place. Take some time to yourself and put that subconscious to work.

Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

Yesterday: Monday - August 02, 2021

Yesterday's Love

Luna, celestial ruler of your intimate eighth house of sex, slips into your committed seventh house of agreements, commitments, and significant others today. Sitting in a challenging square to Venus and Mars, you could run into a battle of wills with a lover, so try to steer away from petty arguments. Things are shifting, Sagittarius, and today's freaky trine between luscious Venus and electric Uranus is here to prove it. Fortunately, Mercury's harmonious trine to the wounded healer, Chiron, brings forth healing, especially when it comes to the lines of communication. Hear them out before you jump to conclusions. 

Yesterday's Dating

You're in a dreamy state today: You're pondering the weather and noticing how the sky reflects on the window. The next thing you know, your crush will be sharing their daydreams about you too.

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